• IOT-110 Edge IoT Teaching Platform

IOT-110 Edge IoT Teaching Platform

modelo : IOT-110

    IOT-110 is a platform that integrates the training of edge computing, AI., and IoT. Its system consists of sensor modules, edge computing modules, and AI computing accelerators. The course provided is structured coherently and clearly, and the concepts of sensors, networks, and applications can be introduced progressively and thoroughly. With this system, users shall be able to deploy various smart applications of IOT and edge computing.

    Each of the 16 sensor modules is embedded in a separate aluminum housing with a built-in hook and powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, so the sensor modules can be deployed in many different locations as well as on the training stand. The name of each sensor is printed on the housing.

Experiment List of IoT

1. Microcontroller Development
   (1) GPIO Control LED Blink Experiment
   (2) UART Communication Experiment
   (3) ADC Converter Experiment
   (4) External Interrupt Experiment
   (5) I2C Communication Experiment
2. Sensing Layer
   (1) Gas Measurement Experiment
   (2) Hall(Magnetic) Detection Experiment
   (3) Photoelectric Switch Experiment
   (4) Ultrasonic Distance Experiment
   (5) Barometric Pressure Measurement Experiment
   (6) Dust Measurement Experiment
   (7) Buzzer Control Experiment
   (8) IR Experiment
   (9) Noise Measurement Experiment
   (10) Illuminance Measurement Experiment
   (11) Motion Sensing Experiment
   (12) 9 DoF Measurement Experiment
   (13) Relay Control Experiment
   (14) Ultraviolet Measurement Experiment
   (15) Temperature and Humidity Measurement Experiment
   (16) Carbon Dioxide Measurement Experiment
3. Wi-Fi Communication
   (1) Wi-Fi AT Command Experiment
   (2) Wi-Fi Web Server Experiment
   (3) Wi-Fi Request Experiment
4. MQTT Communication
   (1) MQTT Broker Experiment
   (2) MQTT Protocol Introduction Experiment
   (3) Sensor Data Transmission Experiment
   (4) Actuator Control Experiment
   (5) MQTT Programming Experiment
5. Web Engineering
   (1) IoT Web Server Experiment
   (2) IoT SQL Experiment
6. Visual Programming Language
   (1) VPL Application Experiment
   (2) IoT Cloud Experiment
   (3) Smart Device Application Experiment

Experiment List of Edge Computing 
1. Computer Vision
   (1) Computer Vision and Image Processing Experiment
   (2) Perform Image Manipulation Experiment
   (3) Open and Stream Vidio Experiment
   (4) Track Face Detection In Vision Experiment
   (5) Train on Images by TensorFlow Experiment
2. Edge Computing With IoT
   (1) Face Recognition Experiment
   (2) Head Pose Experiment
   (3) Facial Landmarks Experiment
   (4) Emotions Recognition Experiment
   (5) Smart Home Experiment

1.  An open-source integrated development environment : users can start programming using an easy-to-use language.
2.  Graphical programming language development tools : users can generate writing programs by dragging and dropping (ideal for beginner programmer)
3.  A flexible structure: convenient to set up and deploy required experimental environments easily.
4.  All data collected from sensors are stored in database. Data can also be uploaded to cloud servers, such as ThingSpeak, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.
5.  It is compatible with the MQTT communication protocol, and data is obtained through publication and subscription.

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