• AT-F3001C Desktop Basic Model Flight Simulator

AT-F3001C Desktop Basic Model Flight Simulator

modelo : AT-F3001C

      The desktop basic flight simulator, in additional to having six basic flight instruments, is also equipped with a cockpit G1000 multi-function display(MFD), with professional flight joystick, and the use of common and extensibility flight software (X-plane) to present the best cockpit view.
      At the same time, through the purchase of curved screen or motion platform can enrich the complete flight environment.

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      Simplicity and directness are the main goals of this flight simulator. Through practical operation to obtain a lot of flight information, users can quickly get familiar with most of the flight status in the aircraft cockpit. The AT-F3001C high-quality, ultra-realistic hardware/software interface is definitely the first choice for individuals or flight schools to get started.

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